Development and Research Solutions Since 1971

Experience + Diversity = Empowering Solutions

Juárez & Associates is a research and consulting firm -- a small business which provides targeted services to governmental agencies, institutions, community organizations, business and private sector clients. We develop solutions unique to clients' concerns in the United States and developing countries around the world. We provide clients with insights and solutions to address specific needs and meet their goals in a broad array of specialized fields.




Juárez & Associates is a market analysis and management consulting firm founded in 1971 by Nicandro Juárez, CMC. We provide custom consulting services through problem-solving research from an interdisciplinary and international perspective.

Our diverse in-house and on-assignment consulting staff are uniquely qualified in market and survey research, interview techniques, statistical analysis, economics and management. They bring language and cross-cultural skills which are culturally responsive to the populations served, and they provide personalized services that meet client needs.



J&A has extensive experience evaluating and tapping the potentials of hard-to-reach populations to build human capacity and democratic participation. Our specialized quantitative and qualitative measurement and analytic methods deliver practical solutions that meet the needs of clients, whether in the public or private sector, for small or large projects.




J&A begins each project with an in-depth assessment of client needs and goals. We first seek to understand the populations and stakeholders associated with the task at hand in order to identify appropriate participation for each. We next develop an array of services to gather data and knowledge, conduct research, and provide the analysis and interpretation required by project parameters.

For each project, we provide clients with insights and solutions that enable them to address specific project needs. J&A is a results-oriented advisor, focused on efficiency, effectiveness, performance and outcomes.