Project: Improving Educational Quality (IEQ) Project

Client: USAID


Marketing: Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti

Juárez & Associates, in conjunction with the American Institutes for Research, is helping to improve learning in developing countries. The goal of the IEQ Project is to work with in-country colleagues on national education reform priorities and use applied research techniques to illuminate the reality of teaching/learning situations. The objective is to advance understanding of reform efforts in improving the quality of education and subsequently inform education policy.

The IEQ II Project was carried out in the following countries:

Guatemala - Spearheaded a five-year effort to build the capacity of national, regional and local bilingual administrators and teachers to assess individual and system performance in terms of bilingual service delivery to Mayan children.

El Salvador - Assisted in capacity building of a local NGO to assess early childhood education practices in both home and school settings. The results of the NGO's research are being used in the design of donor investments in education.

Haiti - Trained local researchers in multi-method research designs for a baseline study on the educational status of children and perceptions of educational quality among parents, teachers and school administrators.
The IEQ Project also works with countries in crisis through Global Information Networks in Education (GINIE or link ), an interactive website that provides professional development tools and information to local communities and countries where generational continuity and civility is threatened.