Juarez and Associates Team

Juárez & Associates brings together a multilingual, multicultural, full-time professional team, each with advanced academic training and extensive experience in research and project management. The language ability of the professionals at J&A, together with their experience working in cross-cultural settings in both the United States and abroad, enable the firm to effectively accomplish each client's goals in a manner appropriate to the language and culture of the target population. The firm's reputation and activities also attract a large number of skilled professionals who work with the company as specialized consultants.

Los Angeles, CA

Nicandro Juárez
Susan Shafi
Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel
Octavio Pescador
Senior Research Associate
Renée Golling
Senior Accountant
Elizabeth Juárez
Corporate Secretary/Treasurer
Elizabeth Pérez-LoPresti
Research Associate
Claudia Benavides
Research Associate
Cynthia Benavides
Research Associate
Alfredo Angulo
Lauisa Salas
Accounting Support
John McNeil
Senior Consultant
Regino Chávez
Consultant/Senior Research Associate
Alicia López

Washington DC

Janel Hoppes Poché
Director of Development
Kjell Enge
Consultant/Senior Research Associate
Analice Schwartz
Senior Research Associate
Stefany Thangavelu
Senior Development Officer
Rebecca Westbrook
Technical Research Associate

Guatemala City

Fernando Rubio
Senior Project Director/Chief of Party, USAID LEA
Gabriela Nuñez
Deputy Director, USAID LEA
Julio Estrada
Deputy Chief of Party, Proyecto Puentes
Juan Luis Córdova
Regional Coordinator, LAC Reads
Ana Lucía Morales
Technical Director, EDUCAMOS


Josefina Vijil
Literacy Specialist, LAC Reads


Maïmouna Tapo
Gender Specialist, USAID Mali Education Support Activity
Halimatou Bathily
Administrative Assistant, USAID Mali Education Support Activity


Amit Kumar
Regional Program Director
Arpana Luthra
Regional Program Development Director