Project: Lleganda a La Meta




Juárez and Associates is pleased to announce the availability of Llegando a la Meta, a Spanish-language DVD designed to provide parents with ideas for participating in their children's education. Llegando a la meta is a 17-minute video narrated by Manuel López Ochoa, a well-known Latino artist.

This parent-involvement video provides information that parents must have to enroll their children in a primary grade. It depicts, in soap opera style, two families as they struggle to guide the education of their children. It proposes activities and situations that parents may find helpful in demonstrating interest in their children's education.

Including this video in your presentations to Hispanic parents will make issues more relevant and interesting. We all know that parent involvement is vital to children's academic success. But often, the tools are not available to help implement such a program.Llegando a la Meta is just such a tool. It provides a short and clear explanation of the important role that Hispanic parents should play in the education of their children, and helps you make more relevant and interesting presentations to them.

The challenge of drawing busy parents into a broader role in the education of their children is not easy. Our video was specifically designed to meet this need. All the ideas presented are simple and easy to understand, and are widely accepted by educators and administrators. You will be able to discuss with parents the topics they have just seen in the video. Topics include:

  • Communication with children about schoolwork and upcoming events at school
  • The value of reading with children in Spanish or English
  • The benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise

In addition, the video can help you build rapport with parents by presenting pertinent material to them in their native language. Language differences can inhibit communication between teachers and parents. Therefore, we carefully tested with parents the scripts and language used to ensure their clarity and appropriateness. Furthermore, bilingual/bicultural presentation shows parents that you understand their often difficult positions.

Llegando a la meta is based on market research with parents, teachers and school administrators. Juárez & Associates conducted extensive market research before producing it to ensure the relevance, credibility and appropriateness of the concepts, language and situations portrayed. As a result, the video has won acceptance from diverse audiences from California to Texas to Puerto Rico.