What does it mean?

Research design and analytical framework, sampling methodology, survey instrument development and pre-testing, data collection, data reduction and processing, data analysis and interpretation, and final report with data documentation.

How do we deliver?

The firm strives to deliver optimal strategies for obtaining and analyzing data which will meet clients’ needs in the most cost-effective manner, often with time constraints. For example, staff has used diverse methods of data collection such as participant observation, focus groups, and review and evaluation of case files, as well as interviewing by mail, telephone and in-person. Specialists within the firm have extensive experience in working with and incorporating the suggestions and requirements of experts and advisory groups including discussions with local community organizations, consumers and governments at various stages of survey projects. Our services provide clients with the tools needed to make informed decisions that assist with product or service delivery, consumer analysis or management reform. The firm’s research and evaluation designs incorporate objective measurement and systematic analysis, coupled with various qualitative and quantitative methodologies, which make them flexible and adaptable to real world circumstances. Once a project has been completed, findings are relayed to the client in a concise descriptive report highlighting trends, identifying areas that require attention and recommending courses of action.

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