What does it mean?

Juárez and Associates' diverse experience in the private sector is transferred to government projects, resulting in efficient and cost-effective implementation techniques. The firm also has a reputation for understanding how culture affects implementation. International, federal and state agencies, community organizations and corporations have contracted JA to develop and manage projects that:

  • Target culturally diverse and hard-to-reach populations

  • Are both short- and long-term (3 months to 5 years)

  • Involve multiple stakeholders

  • Require numerous and comprehensive interventions

How do we deliver?

  • Designing project frameworks, timelines and implementation plans

  • Implementing project activities to completion

  • Conducting project audits, performance reviews and reporting

  • Recruiting and supervising staff

  • Procuring and shipping equipment and materials

  • Project finance and accounting

  • Management information systems

  • Strategic program planning

  • Technical advice on government regulation and compliance

Project Sites