What does it mean?

Juárez and Associates' extensive market research experience in the private sector has been applied to the marketing of socially-beneficial products and services.

The key assumption of social marketing research and applications is that specific populations may require specialized marketing techniques in order to educate consumers and to encourage positive behavior change, such as adopting more appropriate safety, nutrition or health practices.

Social marketing techniques are similar to those used for commercial promotions, but emphasis is placed on identifying appropriate behaviors, then developing message content, dissemination opportunities, product packaging and appropriate distribution channels.

How do we deliver?

Publicly-funded programs may require a custom-designed marketing strategy in order to reach targeted audiences. When appropriate, Juárez and Associates combines advanced marketing techniques with sensitivity toward segmented and/or hard-to-reach consumers.

Services include:

  • Baseline and target audience research

  • Product development research

  • Qualitative vs. quantitative research

  • Pretesting

  • Concentrated marketing - concentrating efforts on a target market where information will have greatest impact

  • Tracking studies

  • Tracking studies

Research strategies include:

  • Setting objectives

  • Segmented marketing - different strategies are developed for different markets

  • The four Ps - Product, Price, Place and Promotion

  • Resource allocation decisions

  • Strategic management decisions

  • Strategy decisions:

    • Education model

    • Persuasion model

    • Behavior modification model

    • Social influence model

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