Our Expertise


  • Teacher training
  • Instructional materials design and production
  • Curriculum development and support Distance learning
  • Low-cost and alternative instructional systems
  • Educational planning and development
  • Vocational training
  • Development of courses, seminars and workshops
  • Programs for language minorities
  • Programs for other special populations

Health & Nutrition

  • Research on child survival
  • Program review: prenatal and postnatal care
  • Testing bilingual informational media focusing on AIDS, cancer and Alzheimer’s
  • Assessments of medical service delivery
  • User surveys, social marketing and program design
  • Access to health care (HMOs), maternal and child health
  • Research on family planning Health of the elderly
  • Program effectiveness of health and social services
  • Drug abuse prevention programs
  • Delivery system impact research


  • Labor market management and support services
  • Employment and training models and seminars
  • Surveys of workers in various markets
  • Development of worker training programs
  • Evaluation of training programs
  • Assessments of employment services
  • Programs to combat child labor
  • Gender in development


  • Communication plans for hard-to-reach low-income families and other target populations
  • Custom-designed marketing strategies for specific audiences
  • Evaluation of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies
  • Social marketing campaigns
  • Research in the Hispanic market

Gender in Development

  • Economic growth
  • Education and technology
  • Educating girls and boys
  • Gender-based violence and trafficking
  • Health and HIV
  • Legal and human rights
  • Women in conflict and peace-building
  • Women's leadership and governance